Air compressed tanks

The compressed air tanks perform the function of storage and distribution.
The use of these products is of two types: the most common is in a central compressors, which optimizes the operation of the compressor unit while maintaining a constant flow rate and the air pressure required by various users; the second type is standalone or in proximity to utilities with air demand variables, avoiding pressure loss and pressure drops in the distribution network which could affect the proper operation of connected equipment.
Accumulators for compressed air both horizontal and vertical in any version from 1 to 3,000 liters of carbon steel operating pressures from 11 to 16 bar. with EC testing steel, AISI 304 (AISI 316 on request) operating pressures from 6 to 11 bar. with PED. Surface clean or painted blue; colors available on request for all series and size.

Serbatoi aria compressa