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Low and High pressure tubes and fittings

Tubes and fittings for low, medium and high pressure; oil, air and vapour flows. Intakes on any length on demand. Diameters available for fittings from 1/4″ to 2″. Delivery within 24 hours from order! Remote construction center for stainless steel … Read More


The tubes and spirals in Rilsan® can be used with temperatures of – 40° to + 80° C, their employment is ideal on braking structures. They have been produced using particularly precious materials, they conform to the international standards SAE, DIN, ISO. … Read More

Push-in, push-out, olive compression fittings

The push-in fitting represents the best connecting element, it is fast and practical and can be used thousands of times without compromising its pneumatic seal. Maximum working pressure 18 bar. The quick fitting has a perfect seal even on plastic tubes which have some … Read More

Filter regulator lubricator units

The FRL units have modular characteristics and can be combined to ones needs, filters, pressure reducers, lubricators, depurators, safety control valves, three-way valves, air take-off, etc. The modular system gives the possibility of taking away any element or entire group … Read More

Micro and Nanovalves

The micro and nano Univer valves are produced to send pneumatic commands and receive electrical signals directly from plc or from other integrated control systems; they are generally used for the piloting of valves of a greater capacity, but they … Read More

Threded valves

The Univer threaded valves with diverse pilot systems (electro pneumatic mechanical pneumatic, pneumatic) can be mounted on bases enabling a rapid union in series and an increase in their versatility and usage possibilities. We advise their use where there are … Read More

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